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Lleida Basketball club was founded on 1st September 1984.

The most important reason was provide to Lleida with a feminine club again. For these reason his founder Josep Ramón Arques, through the players who had defended the colours of La Ensenyança School and other players from the town, he decided to create the club.

First CB Lleida Senior Team, 1984 ©C.B.Lleida
First CB Lleida Senior Team, 1984

The first team of the club was of senior category, with that, the players who finished their studies could continue playing. In the other hand, the possibility of creating a junior team depended mostly that the players of this category wanted to play and the fact of achieving the necessary economical support from business firms to follow with the project, too.

During the years, many feminine teams were created and 4 or 5 years after masculine teams started to be created. In 1989/1990 season it was reached the number of 12 federated teams (6 feminine teams and 6 masculine) and a Basketball School. The appearance of another club in the town forced to make disappear the masculine teams, so the club returned to its origins of feminine exclusive basketball club.

In the present 9 teams is had. These sleep 2 seniors one in 1st Catalan (sponsored by Trans-Biela) and the other one in 2nd Catalan (this sponsored by the company EID Electronic), 1 Junior in the Interterritorial league (without sponsorship), 3 cadets 1 in the Preferential league (without sponsorship) and 2 to the Provincial (sponsored by Mobles Egea and Tolse), 2 child (one without sponsorship and the other one with the sponsorship of Ferreteria Albert Soler), and the last and more important one of category Mines (with the collaboration of Equip Sostre).

Masculine junior team © C.B.Lleida
Masculine junior team

The CB Lleida shield has also changed, in its origins it was formed by de club name abbreviations entering into a basket; curiously Original shield ©C.B.Lleidathis one was not printed in the jerseys; not like the present one, where the abbreviations are on the basket forming a semicircle and under the basket there is a basketball and this shield is now in the jerseys.

New shield ©C.B.Lleida

At its time, the club has a mascot, in the figure of a squirrel, that during the years it was lost in the forgetfulness.

The mascot ©C.B.Lleida

Also the game equipments have also changed during the years. The original colours were the red one for the jersey with two white horizontal strips and one blue vertical strip in the left side; and the blue one for the shorts, that were the same as in the jogging suit.

At the moment the equipments, that conserve the original colours, have another colour distribution where the white predominates and there are some red and blue details.
The jogging suit has also changed; the white colour occupies the central part of the jacket and the red and blue ones form the sleeves. The trousers are almost the same as in the ones in the club origins, but with a little variation: two little parallel red strips to the sides.